Social Fabric On the Road So FabU OTR Dallas TX

Sofab On The Road

 I am writing this post in exchange for a discounted conference ticket to So FabU OTR; however, all opinions are mine and mine alone. I am so excited to announce I am going to Social Fabric on the road here in Dallas. If you are debating on going, I highly recommend visiting the one here in Dallas this year. Listed below are a few reasons why I am thrilled to attend. If you live in the Dallas area and are a blogger, this is a must conference for you this year. There are only 50 spots available. Please find me to say hi. I can’t wait […]

20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas

20 Easy Brunch Ideas

When someone says brunch, my mouth starts to water. Brunch is a perfect combination of savory or sweet little dishes to try. I am a sucker for little snacks and treats, and brunch satisfies all those flavors for me.  Just about anything made in a muffin cup is perfect little tastes for a brunch. Also a yogurt bar would be fun with tons of nuts, granola and fresh fruit to mix in. With so many brunch recipe ideas to choose, it is no wonder it is one of my favorite meals. 20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas Easy Brunch Ideas My kids just love pancakes. Easy Mini Pancake Bites make […]

Simple Homemade Therapeutic Bath Salts

Therapeutic Bath Salts with Oils

Anything that can be eaten should be safe for use on skin. Simple all natural homemade therapeutic bath salts are nourishing for the skin. After taking a bath, your skin will feel so soft and smooth. Baths don’t have to be just for relaxation, but can aid in many more ways when used with salts and essential oils. Below I have provided the uses for each essential oil to help guide you in making the best bath salts. Homemade Therapeutic Bath Salts Ingredients for homemade therapeutic bath salts 1 Cup Epsom salt 1 Cup sea salt 4 Tin containers 5 -6 drops of essential oils Directions […]

How to Make Candy Coated Pretzel Rods – Ursula’s Tentacles

Candy Coated Pretzel Rods

We celebrated our DisneySide celebration a few months ago. The Disney villains party theme was a huge hit with the teenagers. For our party, they were able to dress as their favorite Disney Villain, so the girls had a blast with their versions of their favorite villain. The hit of the party were the Creuella De Vil cupcakes. There were a ton of other great snacks too. Another huge hit were the candy coated pretzel rods – Ursula’s Tentacles. Candy Coated Pretzel Rods Ingredients for candy Coated Pretzel rods (Ursulas Tentacles) 1 Bag candy melts – Purple for Ursula’s Tentacles) 1 bag of large pretzel sticks […]

All Natural Homemade Face Moisturizer Recipes

Natural Face Moisturizer

Let’s face it, getting older sucks and it kinda sags too. Your face is one of your most important features. Keeping your face and skin clean and moisturized is important for healthy, glowing skin. I have found the best all natural homemade face moisturizer recipes to make your face and skin silky soft and smooth. All Natural Homemade Face Moisturizer Recipes Ingredients for homemade facial moisturizers Coconut oil Cocoa Butter Frankenscense Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil Lemon Essential Oil Directions on how to make natural face moisturizers Today I will be sharing enough for one batch of homemade face moisturizer. Please feel free to double […]

All Natural Dyed Easter Eggs for Beautiful Colored Eggs

All Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is such a colorful time of year. Usually it is spring and flowers are blooming everywhere. Outside seems to just come alive after the dead of winter. Easter Eggs always seems to resemble the beautiful colors of the flowers in bloom. We love to dye Easter Eggs. What kid doesn’t look forward to this once a year occasion? This year I wanted to try all natural dyed Easter eggs. All Natural Dyed Easter Eggs Ingredients for all natural dyed Easter eggs Hard boiled eggs Vinegar (items used for dyes) Coffee Beet Turmeric Spinach (one bunch) Directions how to make natural dyed Easter eggs 1. […]

Easy Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Easy Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Bright and colorful Easter eggs are so much fun to make. A basket filled with brightly colored eggs is so pretty. Tissue paper Easter eggs are so easy to make and can be decorated so colorfully to fill any Easter basket.   I am sure the items used to make this craft are already in your crafting or gift wrapping area. Part of the joy of hunting eggs is also see the beautiful designs. I think making tissue paper Easter eggs is easier than dyeing the eggs. Tissue Paper Easter Eggs   Materials to make Tissue Paper Easter Eggs 1 Tablespoon water 1 Tablespoon flour Paintbrush […]

Be A Marvel-ous Easter Hero With Disney

Easter Basket Like a Pro

This Marvel Easter basket shop has been compensated by #collectiveBias. All thoughts, pictures and opinions expressed in this article are my own. Do you have a little super hero in your life you want to celebrate this Easter? Mine loves to dress up like the Hulk, since green is his favorite color. I went to Walmart and found the perfect Disney Marvel goodies to stock his Easter basket this year. Filling his Easter basket was easy with all the Marvel items I was able to find there. Loading an Easter basket can be a challenge once you have purchased all the items to go inside […]

Easy Homemade Coffee Creamer in Minutes

Homemade Coffee Creamer

The best way to start the morning off right is with a nice hot cup of coffee. Coffee is my one indulgence everyday no matter what diet I am on. It has has to taste good and be smooth and oh so creamy. I have been making my own homemade coffee creamer for awhile now and I think this is perfect combination that is close to store bought. Since I have been on a clean eating diet I can tell the difference in fresh homemade creamer and the one with added chemicals for flavor. Once you start you will not want to go back. Easy Homemade Coffee […]