Disney Villains Party Ideas

Disney Villains Party Ideas

I am thrilled to be selected to host a Disney Side at Home Celebration sponsored by Disney parks and Mom select. Party supplies were provided, but the fun and imagination were all mine. With my daughter being a new teen, we decided to host a Disney Villaintines party for Valentine’s Day for her and her friends. We thought it would be fun to have everyone to come dressed as their favorite Disney Villain to show their Disney Side for the party. I was shocked we did not have any repeats out of seven girls, but there are so many great Disney villains to choose from. […]

See What’s New & Exciting at Michaels – SouthLake Grand Opening

Michaels Stores

I am so delighted to share with you all the new things Michaels stores will have to offer in with the new store shops they have created. I was invited to a special event where we learned all about the new features you will be seeing in Michaels stores soon. Let me tell you I am excited about these new store features and I know you will be too! What’s New at Michaels I will let you in on a little secret, denim is hot this year for crafting. Michaels stores have a ton of great denim crafting supplies. This is a little bulletin board […]

Homemade Valentines: Melted Crayon Fishy Valentines

Fishy Valentines Day Cards

My son has started Kindergarten this year. He finally likes to color and draw on everything. He has a spiral notebook he can draw in and we take it everywhere. After three kids we have so many broken crayons everywhere. I am sure you could easily find some broken crayons for this project if you have any kids in your home. Easy Homemade Valentines : Fishy Valentines   Supplies needed for melted crayon Valentines: Broken crayons Pencils Baker’s Twine Card Stock Printer Craft Knife Hot Glue Directions how to make fishy valentines: 1. First sort out the crayons in to similar colors, blues, greens and reds. […]

How to Make Homemade Jello With Fruit Juice

Easy Homemade Jello with juice

I did not know it was so easy to make homemade Jello. I never really make the other stuff before, since it seems to be filled with artificial colors and flavors. There is also a small secret I will share with you. I don’t even like Jello. I guess that is why I rarely ever make it. It just doesn’t seem to cross my mind. My kids love it. Now I have a quick and easy way to make healthy homemade Jello that is also good for them. This girl is pretty excited about this homemade recipe. I love to make food homemade or from scratch. There is so […]

Easy Handmade Valentines: Let It Glow

Easy Handmade Valentines

Valentine’s day is so fun to give little tokens and gifts of love to friends and family. My son love’s to help me make easy handmade Valentines Day cards every year. I was thinking of a few ideas. Then I thought everybody loves the movie Frozen. If you have not seen or heard of it by now, you must be living under a rock. So I wanted to design easy handmade Valentines with a small tribute to the movie for both boys and girls. So I came up with “Let it Glow” and decorated with blue snowflakes. I can’t wait to show you my DisneySide soon with […]

Cook Once Eat Twice: Quick Healthy Meal Ideas

Cook once eat twice

Hello, Pounds4Pennies readers! I’m so excited to stop by for a visit today. I’m Emily from That’s What I Eat, where I blog about how I lost 70 pounds using real, unprocessed food. I’m a wife, mom, blogger, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and lover of all things health and nutrition. It’s nice to meet you! Learn How to Cook Once Eat Twice There are two main complaints I hear all the time when people come to me for help. No one seems to have enough time or money anymore, and they certainly aren’t going to waste either on being healthy. I love to spread the […]

Easy Handmade Valentine Cards: Valentine Arrows

Easy Arrow Valentines day cards

I think handmade Valentines are so cute and very inexpensive to make and add a little personal touch. Handmade Valentines don’t have to use all your toner when you print them out either. I have made a cute little arrow valentine cards you can put a pencil or glow stick in for a cherished Valentine. I know my kids always enjoy giving gifts they help make or assemble. Handmade Valentine Cards Supplies for handmade arrow Valentine: Pencils (Check the dollar store for Valentine’s pencils) Paper white card stock and Printer Arrow Valentine Printable Tape Scissors Craft Knife Directions how to make handmade Valentine cards:  Arrows 1. […]

Easy Homemade Pizza Pockets Recipe

Homemade pizza pockets with cheese

Who doesn’t love pizza? Whenever I say the word pizza, I swear my kids (even the big ones) start jumping up and down. I have found pizza does not pack well for lunch, so I wanted to make my own Homemade Pizza Pockets for school lunches and quick snacks. The best part about these little pizza pockets is they freeze really well and only take one minute to heat up in the microwave. How cool is that? This is a huge win for this mom. This recipe makes two batches, so I made one cheese and one pepperoni. We made our own homemade pepperoni this […]

Enter to Win $300 in Paypal Cash

I am excited to bring you an awesome giveaway I have put together with 20 other bloggers. We have decided to reward our amazing fans with a $300 in Paypal cash giveaway. Who couldn’t use an extra $300 to pay down those Christmas bills? I know I could. Please read the details below on how to enter and be sure to share with your friends to let them know where they can enter to win too. $300 Cash Giveaway Every week on HappyandBlessedHome.com 200 bloggers link up and share all their ideas for Family Fun as part of a blogging link up party called Family […]