Super Easy Pizza Bites Biscuit Snacks Recipe

Homemade Pizza Bites

Are you looking for a healthy quick snack to fix? Try these simple and easy to make pizza bites. These little Pizza bites are great for parties, since you can just pick them up and pop them in your mouth. Simple to make with ingredients you probably already have at home. We like to use the less fat Turkey pepperoni for this yummy snack recipe.   Ingredients for Pizza Bites Recipe: 2 Cups Biscuit Mix (homemade biscuit mix) 3/4 Cup Chopped Pepperoni (use turkey to cut out some fat) 1/2 Cup Parmesean Cheese (or cheddar or monteray Jack) 1 Tablespoon Italian Seasonings 1 Clove Garlic […]

Easy Dinner Ideas – Tamale Chili Cups {Made with Wolf Brand Chili}

Tamale Chili Cups Quick Easy Dinner

Disclosure: This is a sponsored recipe post by Wolf Brand Chili. All thoughts and opinions expressed in the article and about this brand are my own. One of my fondest memories growing up in Texas is sitting down to watch football with a big, hot bowl of chili. Besides my dad’s chili, my favorite chili has always been Wolf Brand Chili with no beans. Real Texans do not put beans in chili. Chili can be eaten in so many different ways.  I love to eat chili and corn bread. I am always trying to find easy dinner ideas, so I came up with a recipe that […]

Super Simple Lettuce Wrap Fish Tacos Recipe for Lower Carbs

Lettuce Wrap fish tacos

Are you trying to cut carbs out of your diet and looking for some fun recipes to reduce carbs? Have you thought of using lettuce wraps for fish tacos? Sometimes it is difficult to find a substitute for that favorite food you love. We have discovered lettuce wraps instead of using bread, tortillas or corn taco shells. This is a great substitute to still wrap all the good stuff up and still eat it like a taco with far less carbs. When cutting carbs, it is difficult to find extra flavor in making dishes. Wholly Guacamole has come out with this new cute, little mini […]

Ham and Cheese Muffin Tin Meal

Ham and Cheese muffin cups

I love anything served in a muffin cup these days and I thought of this wonderful idea of ham and cheese muffin cups. I have been been looking across Pinterest and my cook books to see if I can find anything. The muffin cups are pre-portioned, individual serving size for everyone. We have a lot of precooked ham, since our freezer when out about a month ago and I have been searching for some yummy recipes to make with ham to add to our rotation. I found a ham and cheese pie recipe and scaled it down to individual muffin cups. Yes this was a […]

Slow Cooker Meals – The Best Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock defat

For the last two weeks I have helped you make two slow cooker meals using only one chicken. Since you are still here, and you didn’t kill anyone with the previous healthy slow cooker recipes with the chicken in a pot and amazing chicken salad. Today I am going to share with you the last of the slow cooker meals series, how to make chicken stock from the leftovers of the previous chicken meals. After making this recipe you may never buy chicken stock again. It is so easy to make this rich flavorful chicken stock. Ingredients for slow cooker meals – Chicken Stock: Bones from […]

Roasted Chicken Salad – Meal #2 from 3 Meals 1 Whole Chicken


I know you saved every piece of that chicken you made from the post healthy slow cooker recipes - 3 meals 1 chicken didn’t you? Today I am going to share my husband’s amazing roasted chicken salad recipe. Seriously, this roasted chicken salad is so awesome and so simple. Take the leftover chicken from the healthy slow cooker recipes post and get all the meat off the bones. Now you are ready for meal number 2. Do not throw away those bones or leftover juice, you are going to need them for next weeks post!  Ingredients for Roasted Chicken Salad: 1 leftovers from Healthy Slow Cooker […]

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes – 3 Meals 1 Whole Chicken

chicken in a pot2

I will be showing you how to make 3 healthy slow cooker recipes using only one whole chicken in a three part series. I am so frugal I can make three meals out of one chicken. Crazy right? I am so in love with my slow cooker right now, I just had to share some healthy slow cooker recipes with you. That little slow cooker didn’t get much rest this weekend. I think I used it everyday, and it was a three day weekend!  The first in the series of healthy slow cooker recipes is slow cooker roast chicken. This is to help those super busy […]

Slow Cooker – Easy Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Slow Cooker BBQ Tenderloin

This easy pork tenderloin recipe reminds me of Sunday afternoons at my mom’s house. My  mom would cook a big lunch on Sundays in fall and winter because she took Sunday night off. I love how a recipe like this easy pork tenderloin recipe can bring you back to a childhood memories. Easy Pork Tenderloin Recipe Ingredients for Easy Pork Tenderloin Recipe: 1 tablespoon oil 1/2 onion 2 teaspoons minced garlic 1 pound pork tenderloin 1/2 cup ketchup 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke (just a splash) 1/3 cup water salt & pepper to taste 1. On the stove […]

The Best Fish Tostada Recipe

Tostada Recipe tortilla

This yummy fish tostada recipe is so easy to make and a great addition to your regular menu. You have gotta try these out. I can’t believe I didn’t think of these before. You can buy premade tostada or you can make them yourself using a little bit of oil and corn tortillas to make crispy tostadas. They are so much tastier when you make them yourself.  Ingredients for Fish Tostada recipe: 1 package of fish sticks (fried shrimp or grilled fish) $2.50 1 package 10 or higher corn tortillas $1.00 2 Tablespoons of oil Lettuce $0.25 Tomatoes $0.25 Sour Cream (Plain Greek Yogurt) $0.75 […]