What is Invisalign? Is Invisalign the right choice for your child?

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I am excited I have partnered with Invisalign so you can find out What is Invisalign ? I have been compensated for sharing this information. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are completely my own.   We are about to embark on a journey of straightening my, soon to be teen, daughter’s teeth. There are so many more options out there compared to when I was a teenager with braces. Invisalign is now a teeth straightening option available without metal in your mouth. I am excited to help you answer the question: What is Invisalign and the numerous advantages of using Invisalign. What is Invisalign? One […]

No Texting While Driving: Three Ways to Eliminate Texting and Driving

Iphone texting

I am not a great multitasker as I might think. Some people call it ADD or multitasking. Everyone seems to be trying to get cram and get more things in a day. Yes, it is exciting to get a ding you have a text message when driving, but is it really worth the lives you could impact if you misjudge your driving? The simple answer is NO. It is never worth it. No texting while driving No Texting While Driving Pull Into Parking Lot I am not sure about you, but I am not driving in my car that long to get anywhere. Going to […]

Nerf Rebelle Games to Play With the Star Shot

Nerf Rebelle Game

Disclosure: Nerf sent me a Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set to add a new level of play with my daughter and her friends. These Nerf Rebelle games are fun and all ideas are our own. All thoughts and pictures of me and my daughter are my own. The Best Nerf Rebelle Games Set Up a Spy Mission Nerf Rebelle Game My daughter is always coming up with clever ways to play with her toys. She is in love with the Hunger Games books and movies and Nerf Rebelle allows her to play out her fun. She loves to invent new games. As soon as she […]

The Best Family Game Night Ideas – Quality Unplugged Time

Family Game night board Games

Sometimes it feels like we have been trapped indoors forever. This winter has been incredibly cold. I think this spring will be very rainy. When we are all stuck indoors for a long time, we need some family fun activity to do. We have found many family game night ideas to fight those inside blues. We were so excited when Hasbro sent the new Elefun and Friends Mouse Trap game to try. Elefun and Friends Mouse Trap was so easy to set up. We had it all put together in just a few minutes for family game night. Little Face loved to see the little ball […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu at Our House for 2013

This Thanksgiving is bittersweet for me this year. I am excited to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house. We normally travel every year for Thanksgiving to celebrate with  family. This year family is coming to see us. My husband’s mom has arrived yesterday, and arrived Tuesday. However, this is the first year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving without my loving mom. I know I will miss her dearly today. I really enjoyed all of her baking she did for us every year. In order to honor her this Thanksgiving, I will be making her many of her wonderful dishes. I wanted to share with […]

Sea World AdventureCon 2013

Sea World AdventureCon 2013

We had a blast at Sea World San Antonio and the Aquatica water park while at AdventureCon 2013 Conference. It was great time for a conference, since we had already planned on spending a week in the Hill Country area of Texas.   This conference was different than any other I had been to before. I love how Sea World thought of my whole family to be involved in the conference. While I was learning my family was able to do fun crafts and they also met a few animals up close. Sea World Loves Their Animals We learned how Sea World takes great care […]

Planting Seeds of Change


Thanks to Nestle® Pure Life® and Linquia for sponsoring this article planting seeds and why I stay hydrated. Growing up we always had a garden. I would help by planting seeds every year with my parents. My mom would always can or preserve our food for us to eat all year round. When you grow up doing this, you just take it for granted it will always be there. Now that I am older we are trying our hand at growing a garden this year. Last year was a complete FAIL. We had no idea what we were doing. I never understood how hard my mom […]

Miss You Mama


The angels are rejoicing in heaven, since they have called a new one home. My mother passed away this Saturday and I will be taking some much needed time off. Her health has been declining over the passed years and god has called her home. I spent last week taking care of her in the hospital. I am so thankful to have that time with her. I will be spending this week celebrating her life she spent with us making all of us who we are. I know I would not be the person I am today if my mom didn’t spoil me rotten when […]

Traveling With Kids: Christmas Vacation

Traveling with kids

When we are traveling with kids during the holidays, we try to follow the same strategy we use when we vacation on a budget. If you are not used to traveling with kids, this could be a challenge. We travel so much with our kids I have it down to a science. The best way to pack snacks and when to take breaks. Keep things simple when traveling with kids. Try to keep as much of a similar routine and to your normal schedule. Traveling with Kids: Packing Gifts One frustrating thing when traveling with kids during the Christmas holidays, is traveling with presents. How do […]