Why I don’t post every coupon out there

Two years ago, wow has it been that long already, I had made the decision to stay at home with my then 1 year old son and my daughter who was in 3rd grade. Part of our monthly income had decreased and if I wanted to stay at home I needed to change a few things about how the money was leaving the house. I saw a show on Nate Burkus where several ladies purchased carts full of food that was around $1,000 for about $20.00 bucks. This was before that show Extreme Couponing came out on TLC. So I did a little homework to see […]

Why I Never Buy Sour Cream

Today is the STARR writing test here in Texas. Little miss is off to school and ready to go. This year she will get the help she needs, since she has been diagnosed with dyslexia. However, this is the hardest test for her since she she will be graded on writing along with spelling. Spelling is the most difficult for children with dyslexia, since they may know all the letters that make up a work but are unsure what order they go in. We were able to write her a letter letting her know we believe in her and her abilities and not to worry […]