Back to School Tips for Parents { Linky Party }


Everyone needs back to school tips to help ease the transition from summer sleeping in back to a routine for school. We had a few great tips from posts wonderful bloggers have linked up last week. I can’t wait to try some of these like making a menu plan for lunches, laying out clothes the night before and organize school supplies at home. I have two older ones that can pretty much do everything on their own in the morning and we will have a kindergartner this year. I will have to remember a lot for him and these articles will really help me get organized […]

What is Invisalign? Is Invisalign the right choice for your child?

StraightTalk_LOGO Learn what is invisalign

I am excited I have partnered with Invisalign so you can find out What is Invisalign ? I have been compensated for sharing this information. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are completely my own.   We are about to embark on a journey of straightening my, soon to be teen, daughter’s teeth. There are so many more options out there compared to when I was a teenager with braces. Invisalign is now a teeth straightening option available without metal in your mouth. I am excited to help you answer the question: What is Invisalign and the numerous advantages of using Invisalign. What is Invisalign? One […]

Nerf Rebelle Games to Play With the Star Shot

Nerf Rebelle Game

Disclosure: Nerf sent me a Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set to add a new level of play with my daughter and her friends. These Nerf Rebelle games are fun and all ideas are our own. All thoughts and pictures of me and my daughter are my own. The Best Nerf Rebelle Games Set Up a Spy Mission Nerf Rebelle Game My daughter is always coming up with clever ways to play with her toys. She is in love with the Hunger Games books and movies and Nerf Rebelle allows her to play out her fun. She loves to invent new games. As soon as she […]

The Best Family Game Night Ideas – Quality Unplugged Time

Family Game night board Games

Sometimes it feels like we have been trapped indoors forever. This winter has been incredibly cold. I think this spring will be very rainy. When we are all stuck indoors for a long time, we need some family fun activity to do. We have found many family game night ideas to fight those inside blues. We were so excited when Hasbro sent the new Elefun and Friends Mouse Trap game to try. Elefun and Friends Mouse Trap was so easy to set up. We had it all put together in just a few minutes for family game night. Little Face loved to see the little ball […]

Nutrition for Kids

I decided to go to the PTA meeting the other night, since there was a speaker talking about nutrition for kids giving a presentation called “Growing Healthy Kids (in a junk food world).” I am highly interested in nutrition for kids My Plate  Here is a picture of My Plate and the website where you can get it is Choose My This replaces the old food pyramid we grew up on with a logical picture of a plate. This gives a much better picture of how your plate should look if you are eating a balanced meal. As you can see half the plate […]

The Best Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Cars Birthday Cake

Cars Birthday Party Ideas I can’t believe little face is three years old. It seems only yesterday I brought him home in a little blanket all wrapped up from the hospital. I love and hate that he is now a little boy. For me three is when you are no longer a baby and are a big boy. Three is my favorite age. He likes to play with his toys and his favorite is Disney Cars. He loves the movies, the toys and everything Disney Cars. So the theme for this is Cars Birthday Party! I love to throw a birthday party. One of the […]

10 Easy Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Back to School Breakfast

It’s that time of year we as parents are really looking forward to or are hating sending our kids back to school again. I have in the years past looked forward to my daughter returning back to school; however, this year I don’t want her to go. This year is her last year in elementary school. I am really going to miss her during the day. We had a fun summer. I am not looking forward to it ending. Since she will be heading back to school, I don’t want to send her to learn on an empty stomach. I have listed some easy back […]

Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt

sharpie tie dye effects

We had a blast making these Sharpie Tie Dye T-shirts for a play date last Tuesday. Seriously no artistic talent needed. If you know how to scribble you will do fine. You just need a little imagination. I was watching my friends children, since she was taking a class for the day. I had to come up with something to entertain the kids for a couple of hours. I saw something like this on Pintrest, but of course I had to try something completely different. Sharpie Tie-Dye T-Shirt This is a great project, since sharpies are on sale at Staples for $5.00 for a 12 […]

Homemade Finger Paint

fingerPaint Paints

 I have been looking for some fun activities for me and little face to do while we are at home. I saw this on Pintrest from Milk and Cuddles and thought wow I have all this stuff to make this and the cost would be nearly FREE. I stocked up on several containers of corn starch for FREE during the baking season in November and December. Since then, I have found so many uses. I wish I had more! So this is how we made Homemade Finger paints. Homemade Finger Paint Ingredients:  ½ cup cornstartch 3 tblspn sugar ½ tsp salt 2 cups cold water Drops […]