Friday Finals – Under Budget Again

092112 Friday Finals

I didn’t do much shopping again this week. We still have a freezer full of meat, a cabinet full of food and I really just don’t need many items, but staples like milk and yogurt. Eggs seem like they have gone through the roof lately here, so any good tips where I can get eggs PLEASE let me know. My brother is raising chickens, but it is four hours away. That is a bit too far for me to go get FREE Range farm fresh eggs. I need another plan. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Tom Thumb 6 Yoplait Yogurt $0.50 J4U […]

Friday Finals – Kroger Mega Event savings

072012 Friday Finals

Today is Mega Swagbucks day. Sign up with Swagbucks and earn points for prizes. I like to get the $5.00 Amazon gift card!  We have 4 Winners to the Purex Let’s Be Honest Giveaway. They have been emailed, but if you want to check take a look at the Giveaway page.  One more thing before we get to saving. If you could give me a vote by clicking below. One little click = one vote. Really easy and it is a great way to support Pounds4Pennies.  Kroger MEI = Mega Event Item $0.50 off each item 2 18 Count Large Eggs $1.50 each *Stockup Price* […]

Friday Finals Saved on Meat

Friday finals 120706

It is another hot day here in Texas. I have been really busy this week deep cleaning the house and getting all caught upon cutting out my coupons. I was only about a month behind. Now that little face is on a better nap schedule, I am able to get lots of things done while he is sleeping! I have cut his nap time down to two hours a day instead of three hours every two days. He was just getting too much sleep and not tired the next day. I sure was! I didn’t do very much shopping this week. I still don’t really […]

Friday Finals – Sprouts, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walmart

Friday Finals 060112

June is national Dairy Month. This is the month to stock up on dairy items. Here is an article on how to freeze and thaw dairy items and other useful information. Did you know you can freeze milk and cheese? Read this article about foods that can be frozen and thawed. Sprouts – Farmers Market (This is where I buy most of my produce) Bulk Raisins $1.73 1 lb PepperJack Cheese $2.99 2 Pks Blueberries $0.99 each Bananas $1.18 Onions $1.15 I spent $9.03 on produce at Sprouts this time. Sprouts #2 Grapes $0.99 lb – $2.45 **Stock up Price** I spent $2.45 and saved $0.05 […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, CVS, Tom Thumb, Sprouts


Pounds4Pennies Weekly Shopping – FRIDAY FINALS   Most Viewed Last week: Broward Saves Homemaking Mom Couponing N Cooking Kroger USO= USO Event Item $0.40 off an item 5 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $1.39 – USO             -Final $0.99 each 1 Jar Kroger Natural Peanut Butter $2.39 – USO                  -Final $1.99 1 Sargento Cheese $2.25 – USO, $0.50/1 Sargento Cheese SS 04/15/12             -Final $1.35 * Stockup Price 1 Kraft Sliced Cheese $1.99 – USO             -Final $1.59 2 French’s Worcestershire sauce $1.79 – $0.40/1 Frenchs Worcestershire sauce SS 03/21/12             -Final $1.39 each 1 Kroger Canola Oil $2.67 1 Loaf Bread clearance $0.89 1 Kroger Oreo Cookies […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, CVS, Walgreens


I had a great time shopping this week. I found so many deals and they were on things I was running out of too! I can’t wait to see how you did this week. Go to the bottom to link up your shopping results below. Pounds4Pennies Weekly Shopping – FRIDAY FINALS    Tom Thumb 1 Starbucks Refreshers $1.50 – 1 Starbucks Refreshers FREE            -Final FREE – I love FREE 1 Jolly Time Popcorn $1.67 – $0.50/1 Doubled Jolly Time Popcorn             -Final $0.67 2 Cheetos $3.49 B1G1 – $1/2 Cheetos             -Final $1.25 each 2 Herdez Salsa $1.49 each             […]

Friday Finals – Tom Thumb, Kroger

I have moved to WordPress and trying to update and fix a few things, since the move. Bare with me as I get the new site where I want it. I have not gotten much sleep lately so this is going to be a short post. I am just too tired today. Maybe I can update this tomorrow. LINK up below. Tom Thumb 1 Starbucks Refreshers $1.50 – 1 FREE coupon for Starbucks Refreshers               -Final FREE– I love FREE 1 Planters Peanut Butter $1.99             -Final –FREE 1 Kens Salad Dressing $0.99 – $1/1 Kens 16 Salad Dressing             -Final –FREE – I love […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walgreens, CVS, Sprouts

I have a lot going on this week. I now have 3 Giveaways going on with another one to come tonight! Check back. Check my GIVEAWAYS page for more details.PRINT Coupons here. Did you vote today? Stop by these sites for more great savings inspiration. The three most clickiest last week were: Couponing n Cooking Mrs. Rogers Frugal Neighborhood Lamberts Lately Tom Thumb/Safeway 2 Dole Pineapple 8 oz $1.09 B1G1 – $0.50 doubled ALL YOU Mar ’12             -Final $0.05 each 3 Rosarita Beans $1 each – $0.50/3 doubled Rosarita Beans SS 04/22/12 (Better deal this week at Tom Thumb/Safeway)             -Final $0.66 each 2 International […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walgreens, CVS

Since Earth Day is coming up I have a Giveaway for Earth Friendly Cleaning products. This kit includes 6 different cleaning products for your home. LOW entry, so sign up! Then I have another awesome giveaway. The Fresh Face Event giving away $250 Obagi Facial care. Did you vote today? The most viewed shopping trips from last week are: Couponing n Cooking My Debt Marathon Homemaking Mom Walgreens 3 Dawn Dishwashing soap $0.99 each – 3 $0.50/1 Dawn Dishwashing soap             -Final $0.49 each I spent $1.47 and saved $1.50 on dishwashing soap at Walgreens this week. I think I am going to be using […]