Cook Once Eat Twice: Quick Healthy Meal Ideas

Cook once eat twice

Hello, Pounds4Pennies readers! I’m so excited to stop by for a visit today. I’m Emily from That’s What I Eat, where I blog about how I lost 70 pounds using real, unprocessed food. I’m a wife, mom, blogger, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and lover of all things health and nutrition. It’s nice to meet you! Learn How to Cook Once Eat Twice There are two main complaints I hear all the time when people come to me for help. No one seems to have enough time or money anymore, and they certainly aren’t going to waste either on being healthy. I love to spread the […]

Clean Eating on a Budget Made Easy

Guide to clean eating on a budget

Clean eating on a budget can be easy with a few simple steps and a little preparation. We have learned how to stock a clean eating fridge and how to create a clean eating pantry. We know what foods to put in there, but how can we save money stocking them with real food? There are few simple steps to help your budget when buying food. Buy Fruits and Vegetables in Season This is pretty straight forward. To get a variety of fruits and vegetables, purchase what is in season at the time. Check the sales papers for your grocery stores. See what fruits and […]

Start Saving for College

School is starting up soon and we will be sending our little ones off to learn as much as they can in those hallowed halls. Have you started thinking about saving for college for when they leave those school halls? Do you have a saving plan in place? Whether you already have something in place or not, you can sign up for a Upromise account. This is one of the easiest ways to start saving for college. Get started now right in time for back to school. I signed up for Upromise when my daughter was just a baby. After you sign up you can […]

Higher Beef & Pork Prices – How you can save during this drought


I know we have heard the hype on the news lately. So I want to inform you a little about what is or will be happening at the grocery stores soon and ways to save right now to avoid higher costs in the future. Why does corn have to do with beef prices and milk? The corn that is grown to feed livestock is more susceptible to drought conditions than the corn grown for human consumption. Therefore, it will be more expensive to feed cattle and pigs due to the drought in the Midwest corn growing area. The Agriculture department expects groceries prices, including beef […]

Stop Throwing Money Away

I hate buying things that I have to throw away. It is like just taking your money and throwing it in the trash can. The only thing that I don’t mind and will not reuse is toilet paper. I am sure you have my back on this one. However there are some alternatives when it comes to other products around your home you use every day.  Frugal Money Saving Ideas One thing is paper napkins. Yes, it is important to be tidy at the table. But we don’t need to create waste in doing so. The best solution I have it using cloth napkins. Buy […]

Reuse Ideas

In keeping with the theme for this month of Earth Day today’s topic for Money Saving Monday is REUSE IDEAS. One of the best things you can do to save money is to reuse items instead of tossing them after one use. REUSE IDEAS One item that I reuse a bunch is plastic zip baggies. Most of the time I put things like muffins to freeze or snacks in these. I simply wash them out and let them dry and use them again. I will do this several times before being tossed. This helps reduce waste in the landfill and also helps my budget by […]

How I Save Money by NOT Eating Cereal for Breakfast

I rarely buy cereal any more. There are some great cereal deals out there right now and I just don’t feel the need to buy cereal when I have great items I can make for breakfast ahead of time and freeze. Here are a few items I like to make pancakes, muffins, french toast and hard boiled eggs and sausage. I make extra on the weekends and freeze these to eat throughout the week. Just simply pop them in the microwave for a minute or two and you have a quick and easy breakfast.  Cinnamon Swirl French Toast – $1.44 for a family of Five […]

Tips 4 Tuesday – Why I Never Shopped at Walgreens. Until TODAY!

One thing you have to realize when you are first starting to coupon is you can’t always get all the deals all the time. There are just too many stores and the amount of gas you would use would offset the saving you were getting anyway. That is mainly why I never shopped at Walgreens. It was too far away for me to justify making a trip out that way to get just a few items each week. Even if it was FREE. Since most of the time the FREE item was gone off the shelf by the time I got there. So all I […]

Money Saving Monday – Maximize Savings on Clearance Items at Tom Thumb

Just a few things first. My DI team made 6th place at our tournament. We are thrilled with the results. The team worked so hard and they are excited they placed this year. Now I can focus a little more time on my blog. Second; don’t miss out on my giveaways. They are both ending March 1st. If you haven’t registered do it now before it is too late. There will be 3 winners for Purex Laundry Detergent FREE product coupon and 3 winners for Purex Ultrapacks FREE product coupon. For a total of 6 possible WINNERS! Super easy entry. Lastly, I just love yogurt […]