Back to School Tips for Parents { Linky Party }


Everyone needs back to school tips to help ease the transition from summer sleeping in back to a routine for school. We had a few great tips from posts wonderful bloggers have linked up last week. I can’t wait to try some of these like making a menu plan for lunches, laying out clothes the night before and organize school supplies at home. I have two older ones that can pretty much do everything on their own in the morning and we will have a kindergartner this year. I will have to remember a lot for him and these articles will really help me get organized […]

Easy Home Organization Ideas { Linky Party }

Easy Home Organization Ideas

It is time to start out the new year on the right foot. I have looked at all the wonderful entries from last weeks Linky Party and found we all need a little help getting more organized. I found some easy home organization ideas from several wonderful blogs I would love to share with you. Easy Home Organization Ideas Home Management Binder Free Printables brought to you by Kims Kandy Kreations   Learn how to Organize Paperwork Fast brought to you by Mums Make Lists   Post Holiday Decluttering brought to you by Apron Strings and Other Things   Learn About 10 Things That Need […]

Easy Way to Organize Takeout Menus: Gift Idea


“What’s for dinner?” Ever hear those words and the fear of panic set in because you don’t really know the answer to the question? There is nothing ready to cook,  so you decide on takeout. However, all the menus are a messy pile and you can’t find the menu to your favorite restaurant. Augh! You need a way to organize takeout menus. Binder to Organize Takeout Menus  The Takeout Menu Organizer from Knock Knock products is a great solution to organize takeout menus. This a smaller binder to have sit nicely on the counter to make a lot more space instead in the junk drawer you probably […]

Mission Organization

Command Center

My mission for this year is the organization of my home and to get rid of clutter. I am not a hoarder, but at times I feel I might be a bit borderline. But it is probably more like laziness than hoarder. I have come up with a couple of awesome home organization ideas that have made my life easier. I hope these help  you too! I would really like a clean organized home, but sometimes if I am cleaning up I can’t make a decision right then I will create a pile of stuff. Well then that pile gets bigger, and who wants to […]

Command Center

I am so excited, since I have just created my command center for my house. I love how the design is so simple.  Now I am wondering why I never thought of this before. Oh how wonderful Pinterest has made my life! I am working on making the design a little more decorative, but for now it is serving the purpose I really wanted. I would have had a before picture, but little face fell in the pool yesterday without his vest and I saved him. He is OK. I got him before he even swallowed any water. I was right there. However, my phone was […]

How to Defrost a Freezer the Easy Way

Defrosted Freezer

I did the dreaded task of defrosting and cleaning my freezer yesterday. I don’t think we have ever done that since we bought it three years ago. So the freezer was way over due for a cleaning. DEEP Cleaning. I would love to share with you how to defrost a freezer the easy way.  How to Defrost a Freezer the Easy Way The Best Way to Defrost a Freezer 1. Unplug or turn off your freezer first. Then empty the contents of your freezer into coolers to keep all your items cold. It took around five coolers for this stand up freezer. If you don’t […]

How to Freeze Fresh Vegetables

Defrosted Freezer

I just love this time of year, since we get to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. We are trying to grow a garden this year. You can check out my garden posts and ways to go green to get some tips on gardening and creating your own garden this year.  If our bountiful harvest comes in, what are we going to do with all those fresh vegetables? We will need to put them up and fast. One of the easiest and quickest ways to preserve vegetables, is to freeze fresh vegetables right after they have been picked. First lay them out on a cookie sheet. You […]

Organize My Closet

Do you have that closet you dread to go in to because something might fall on you when you open the door? Mine was the closet under the stairs. However, my mission this year is to get organized. I am on my way, but it is taking some time. My budget for this project is quite small, so this is a challenge for me. I love to take on new challenges all the time. My first goal was to organize my closet under the stairs. We have wanted to put up some shelves or something in here, but just never got around to it. This […]

Money Saving Monday – Realistic Budget

How did you do working getting all your money divided out into buckets? Were you able to capture every dollar you spend? Probably not, but you should be able to see where the majority of your money is going. I not a financial expert, but I would like to share some ways I have found to save money and still be able to get have a great lifestyle. Now let’s take a look at some areas where you can shave some money off your budget. 1. Impulse buying One important thing is to stop spending money on the little impulse buys you make, such as […]