Leap Into Gaming With Hot New Toy from LeapFrog

Best video game for Christmas

I was given a free gaming system to host the LeapFrog MommyParty with my children. All thoughts an opinions expressed in my article are my own. I think I have found the hottest new toy for this holiday for kids, LeapTV. This new video game by Leap Frog ties in learning with movement and tons of fun. This is something every parent is looking for in a video game for children. LeapTV has Easy Setup I was amazed at how easy the LeapTV system was to set up. After everything was plugged in, I turned the LeapTV on and followed the instructions on the screen. Part of […]

The Go Phone from AT&T

At t goPhone system

I was given a Samsung Express goPhone from AT&T to try for a month. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own. We are loving the goPhone from AT&T. With a new teenager in the house, I like to know where she is at all times. She is very busy with volleyball, band, Girl Scouts and church activities plus more. It is hard to keep up with her busy schedule. Especially what time and where she needs to be picked up each day. This makes it super easy with the goPhone from AT&T with unlimited texting. She can just text me when […]

The Best Purse for Busy Mom – Hobo Style

Mom Purse for Busy moms

I was sent this Emilie M purse to review. All thoughts and opinions about this purse are are all my own. Affiliate links may be used in this post and I may be compensated if you make a purchase. Every mom needs a purse that can hold not only her items but a few items needed for the kids too. There needs to be enough pockets and storage inside, but still look fashionable to carry every where. I was so delighted to receive an to test it to all these mommy situations. Mom Style For Moms on the Go I just love the brown color […]

Nerf Rebelle Games to Play With the Star Shot

Nerf Rebelle Game

Disclosure: Nerf sent me a Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set to add a new level of play with my daughter and her friends. These Nerf Rebelle games are fun and all ideas are our own. All thoughts and pictures of me and my daughter are my own. The Best Nerf Rebelle Games Set Up a Spy Mission Nerf Rebelle Game My daughter is always coming up with clever ways to play with her toys. She is in love with the Hunger Games books and movies and Nerf Rebelle allows her to play out her fun. She loves to invent new games. As soon as she […]

Natural Skin Care for Baby from Baby Spa

Baby Spa Giveaway

In partnership with Baby Spa I received a give pack to try at bath time with my child. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own. Have you been looking for natural skin care for your baby or toddler? Baby Spa’s ethnobotanical natural skin care line is perfect to take care of baby’s delicate skin. Not just for baby’s they have a Stage 2 line for toddlers and older children, too. I am proud to be a Baby Spa Brand Ambassador to share this natural skin care product line with you all through out the year. How to Make Bath Time Ready […]

Why I need a Coffee Break in the Afternoon

Coffee Break Giveaway

Seattle’s Best Coffee sent me a couple of bags to enjoy my coffee break. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. My afternoon coffee break is my one secret indulgence. I enjoy my coffee with one tablespoon of homemade caramel sauce.The flavors blended together is my little piece of heaven. It is like having a little dessert in the afternoon without too many carbs. While reducing my carbs for lent, I could not give up my afternoon coffee indulgence. That would be mean, not just for me, but everyone else around me. Relax Before the Chaos Begins While enjoying my afternoon coffee break, I […]

Tacky Box Review { Good Manners For Kids }

Tacky Box Good Manners for Kids

Have you ever been embarrassed by something your child has said in front of a group of people? I know I have. I am not sure if this is a boy thing or I am just blessed with a child who talks a lot about gross body functions all the time. Yes, he tends to say the word “poop” a lot. There are a few other words he used to say too that I do not approve of him using. He does not always use the best manners for kids. Good Manners for Kids Technique I was able to review a book and a new […]

Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouch { Dishwasher Safe }

Yummi Pouch, a reusable food pouch, has increased their product line to bring you a wide variety of food pouches in many different sizes.  There is a size for you depending on your needs. These will make the perfect gift this holiday season to a new mother or to help a mother with packing good nutritious food for their kids lunches. These are completely dishwasher safe and can be used many times. Plus you can provide your own smoothies, baby food and snacks made yourself in a great portable reusable food pouch. Find out how to save 10% below on Yummi Pouch.  Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouch […]

Pur Attitude Skin Care Products

Pur Attitude Serums

Disclosure: Free products were received as compensation for a review of Pur Attitude healthy skin care products. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own.   What is Pur Attitude Pur Attitude is made with 100% pure, active ingredients to help the health of your skin. The wild Durian fruit peel is made to detoxify impurities, exfoliate lifeless skin and unclog pores. It is proven to even out skin tone, wipe away fine lines and restore brightness for more youthful looking skin. I know for me I want my skin to have all of these things. I am not getting any younger […]