20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas

20 Easy Brunch Ideas

When someone says brunch, my mouth starts to water. Brunch is a perfect combination of savory or sweet little dishes to try. I am a sucker for little snacks and treats, and brunch satisfies all those flavors for me.  Just about anything made in a muffin cup is perfect little tastes for a brunch. Also a yogurt bar would be fun with tons of nuts, granola and fresh fruit to mix in. With so many brunch recipe ideas to choose, it is no wonder it is one of my favorite meals. 20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas Easy Brunch Ideas My kids just love pancakes. Easy Mini Pancake Bites make […]

How to Make Candy Coated Pretzel Rods – Ursula’s Tentacles

Candy Coated Pretzel Rods

We celebrated our DisneySide celebration a few months ago. The Disney villains party theme was a huge hit with the teenagers. For our party, they were able to dress as their favorite Disney Villain, so the girls had a blast with their versions of their favorite villain. The hit of the party were the Creuella De Vil cupcakes. There were a ton of other great snacks too. Another huge hit were the candy coated pretzel rods – Ursula’s Tentacles. Candy Coated Pretzel Rods Ingredients for candy Coated Pretzel rods (Ursulas Tentacles) 1 Bag candy melts – Purple for Ursula’s Tentacles) 1 bag of large pretzel sticks […]

Easy Homemade Coffee Creamer in Minutes

Homemade Coffee Creamer

The best way to start the morning off right is with a nice hot cup of coffee. Coffee is my one indulgence everyday no matter what diet I am on. It has has to taste good and be smooth and oh so creamy. I have been making my own homemade coffee creamer for awhile now and I think this is perfect combination that is close to store bought. Since I have been on a clean eating diet I can tell the difference in fresh homemade creamer and the one with added chemicals for flavor. Once you start you will not want to go back. Easy Homemade Coffee […]

How to Make Homemade Jello With Fruit Juice

Easy Homemade Jello with juice

I did not know it was so easy to make homemade Jello. I never really make the other stuff before, since it seems to be filled with artificial colors and flavors. There is also a small secret I will share with you. I don’t even like Jello. I guess that is why I rarely ever make it. It just doesn’t seem to cross my mind. My kids love it. Now I have a quick and easy way to make healthy homemade Jello that is also good for them. This girl is pretty excited about this homemade recipe. I love to make food homemade or from scratch. There is so […]

Cook Once Eat Twice: Quick Healthy Meal Ideas

Cook once eat twice

Hello, Pounds4Pennies readers! I’m so excited to stop by for a visit today. I’m Emily from That’s What I Eat, where I blog about how I lost 70 pounds using real, unprocessed food. I’m a wife, mom, blogger, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and lover of all things health and nutrition. It’s nice to meet you! Learn How to Cook Once Eat Twice There are two main complaints I hear all the time when people come to me for help. No one seems to have enough time or money anymore, and they certainly aren’t going to waste either on being healthy. I love to spread the […]

Easy Homemade Pizza Pockets Recipe

Homemade pizza pockets with cheese

Who doesn’t love pizza? Whenever I say the word pizza, I swear my kids (even the big ones) start jumping up and down. I have found pizza does not pack well for lunch, so I wanted to make my own Homemade Pizza Pockets for school lunches and quick snacks. The best part about these little pizza pockets is they freeze really well and only take one minute to heat up in the microwave. How cool is that? This is a huge win for this mom. This recipe makes two batches, so I made one cheese and one pepperoni. We made our own homemade pepperoni this […]

Homemade Pizza Dough from a Bread Machine

Homemade Bread Machine Pizza Dough

When I was growing up, I lived in a small town. There were less than 5,000 who lived in town. There was only one pizza place you could get pizza. It didn’t even open up until I was in 1st or 2nd grade. I always remembered the smell of fresh dough and baking pizza as soon as you opened the door. I loved that place and it is still my favorite pizza. We all love pizza. Pizza dough is so easy to make in a bread machine. My bread machine is pretty old. I have had it forever and it still works. I love it has a […]

Easy Chipotle Taco Dip for Delicious Party Food

Easy Spicy Taco Dip

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are mine alone. Whenever I get asked to a party I am always asked to bring my spicy Taco Dip. Sometimes I am not sure if I am invited to the party or my taco dip. This spicy dip is a delicious party food everyone will fall in love with. I wanted to try a little more flavor this time so I added some Tabasco Chipotle pepper sauce. I went to my Kroger store and found the Tabasco Chipotle pepper sauce in the condiments section. It was […]

Easy Cranberry Sauce Recipe Made in Minutes

Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce

I am not sure when cranberries started to be paired with turkey for Thanksgiving day, but the tart taste compliments the meal. I am not a fan of the jellied stuff that comes out of the can. It was my mom’s favorite, but I never really acquired a taste for it. I do love cranberries and in my search many years ago I found a recipe. It is one of those ones that is so easy I just have it memorized. I couldn’t tell you where I got it. The sweetness of the orange juice and tartness of the cranberries compliment so well in this […]