Printable Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We did here at our house. My favorite part was when my four year old thought we had to kill the eggs, because we were going to dye them. I am still cracking up over that one. You can take a peak at our dyed eggs on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram for more photos of our family adventures and to see what I am up to on a daily basis. You can get a little sneak peak into what we are up to, since I simply can’t post everything here on the blog. OK enough about me. […]

The Best Reusable Food Pouch for Kids

Reusable food pouches

I am so excited to be working with Yummi Pouch, who make a reusable food pouch for kids, to provide you with an alternative way to enjoy good food on the go. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate links may be used below. In honor of Earth Day (April 22) I am bringing you some amazing products this week to help the environment. One product I really adore is Yummi Pouch. They offer an environmentally friendly approach to food on the go for kids. These little pouches are so easy to toss in a lunch box or pack for a picnic whenever […]

Living Green and Helping Kids Learn a Greener Lifestyle

New Leaf Green Living

Disclosure:  I am partnering with the sponsor New Leaf Energy to share with you few simple ways to go green. Do you ever wonder how you can help your child live a greener lifestyle? I would like to share with you a few things we do in our home to help teach our kids a few fun and easy ways we are living green and possibly save some money. I think living green and saving money really go hand in hand. New Leaf Energy would like to help the environment by planting a new tree. Click help plant a tree to like them on Facebook. Living Green […]

Stop Throwing Money Away

I hate buying things that I have to throw away. It is like just taking your money and throwing it in the trash can. The only thing that I don’t mind and will not reuse is toilet paper. I am sure you have my back on this one. However there are some alternatives when it comes to other products around your home you use every day.  Frugal Money Saving Ideas One thing is paper napkins. Yes, it is important to be tidy at the table. But we don’t need to create waste in doing so. The best solution I have it using cloth napkins. Buy […]

101 Inventive Ways to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

I have a guest Bloggy friend today. Her name is Dinah Wulf from DIY Inspired. Here is an article on several crafty things you can do to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle this week. Stop by her site for more inspiration. By Dinah Wulf: I have always been eco-conscious, so to speak, but I never really thought about it.  Now that I have been blogging, and have it all down in front of me (and posted all over the web) I have gravitated toward recycling and repurposing ideas for the main concept of DIY Inspired.  It’s funny how things work out.  I even have gone on […]


We are massive consumers who produce a lot of waste. What if you could reduce your waste by 50% just by recycling your garbage? It doesn’t take much to recycle things we use every day. In order keep the planet and us healthy we need to recycle the items we consume   Here are 10 items to recycle to eliminate from your landfill:    Aluminum cans Steel Cans from canned fruits and veggies Cardboard including cereal boxes Paper – newspaper magazines Plastics – Milk jugs, check with your local recycling center 1 & 2 are most popular Glass containers Clothing Donate or sell to a resale shop […]

Ways to Reduce Waste

Did you see the new giveaway I have going on right now? Visit my Giveaways Page to enter to win $250 Fresh Face Event prize package. If you have a Recipe or Craft Linky Party or Shopping Linky Party Share your links on my Linky Party Page.   Did you vote today? ~   ~   ~REDUCE WASTE! Have you ever visited a landfill? It is overwhelming the stench and the mountain of waste we create as a society. I used to drive by one for years. It started out like a small hill and I wondered what it was. Then I noticed the hill began to […]

Reuse Ideas

In keeping with the theme for this month of Earth Day today’s topic for Money Saving Monday is REUSE IDEAS. One of the best things you can do to save money is to reuse items instead of tossing them after one use. REUSE IDEAS One item that I reuse a bunch is plastic zip baggies. Most of the time I put things like muffins to freeze or snacks in these. I simply wash them out and let them dry and use them again. I will do this several times before being tossed. This helps reduce waste in the landfill and also helps my budget by […]

How to Save Money on Food Everyday

First I would like to make sure you are getting all you can from Pounds4Pennies. I offer additional savings information and HOT coupons on my Facebook page. Please be sure to LIKE me on Facebook to keep up with the latest coupons and savings deals. If you do like my site be sure to click Top Mommy Blogsand vote for me. One click = one vote. I am 108 and would love to get into the top 100 this week just eight more places to go. I know all my fabulous readers can take a few moments to vote for me. THANKS in advance. How to […]