Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, CVS, Walgreens


I had a great time shopping this week. I found so many deals and they were on things I was running out of too! I can’t wait to see how you did this week. Go to the bottom to link up your shopping results below. Pounds4Pennies Weekly Shopping – FRIDAY FINALS    Tom Thumb 1 Starbucks Refreshers $1.50 – 1 Starbucks Refreshers FREE            -Final FREE – I love FREE 1 Jolly Time Popcorn $1.67 – $0.50/1 Doubled Jolly Time Popcorn             -Final $0.67 2 Cheetos $3.49 B1G1 – $1/2 Cheetos             -Final $1.25 each 2 Herdez Salsa $1.49 each             […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walgreens, CVS, Sprouts

I have a lot going on this week. I now have 3 Giveaways going on with another one to come tonight! Check back. Check my GIVEAWAYS page for more details.PRINT Coupons here. Did you vote today? Stop by these sites for more great savings inspiration. The three most clickiest last week were: Couponing n Cooking Mrs. Rogers Frugal Neighborhood Lamberts Lately Tom Thumb/Safeway 2 Dole Pineapple 8 oz $1.09 B1G1 – $0.50 doubled ALL YOU Mar ’12             -Final $0.05 each 3 Rosarita Beans $1 each – $0.50/3 doubled Rosarita Beans SS 04/22/12 (Better deal this week at Tom Thumb/Safeway)             -Final $0.66 each 2 International […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walgreens, CVS

Since Earth Day is coming up I have a Giveaway for Earth Friendly Cleaning products. This kit includes 6 different cleaning products for your home. LOW entry, so sign up! Then I have another awesome giveaway. The Fresh Face Event giving away $250 Obagi Facial care. Did you vote today? The most viewed shopping trips from last week are: Couponing n Cooking My Debt Marathon Homemaking Mom Walgreens 3 Dawn Dishwashing soap $0.99 each – 3 $0.50/1 Dawn Dishwashing soap             -Final $0.49 each I spent $1.47 and saved $1.50 on dishwashing soap at Walgreens this week. I think I am going to be using […]

Friday Finals – Kroger Mega Event, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Walgreens

Wow I can’t believe it is Friday already. This week has flown by. I have all kinds of news today I am excited to share. First I am glad the week after vacation is over. This has been a tough week, since we had to adjust to the time change this week and getting back in the groove of everything. I also have been working on several giveaways that will be coming up in the next few weeks. I am very excited about a product review and giveaway with a green products company. Come back in a few weeks when this is up.  I have […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Walgreens, CVS

I have been a shopping fool this week. I am over budget again, but I am not shopping next week for sure. Sometimes a good deal is hard to pass up. With prices increasing and the amount on the coupons decreasing, if I find a deal I grab it. However, I think I am buying more wants than needs lately. I need to reassess my shopping and cut back to needs only. Stop by to see the great shopping trips from these fabulous sites from last week. The top clickiest from last week are: Grocery Shop for FREE Lamberts Lately Your Mama Said What ~   ~ […]

Friday Finals – Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, CVS, Walgreens

I have announced my winners for the two giveaways I had on Purex items. Stop by my Giveaways page to see if you won. Also I am still looking for five guest bloggers to post on the week of 12-16 contact me or post a comment and I will get back to you. Looking for articles you have written or want to write on topics such as: Frugal living ideas Ways to save money – not grocery related Couponing ideas Any tips concerning cooking, cleaning, organizing Fun kid activities  Here are the most clickiest links from last week: Couponaholic Frugal Follies Durham Deals ~   ~ […]

Tips 4 Tuesday – Why I Never Shopped at Walgreens. Until TODAY!

One thing you have to realize when you are first starting to coupon is you can’t always get all the deals all the time. There are just too many stores and the amount of gas you would use would offset the saving you were getting anyway. That is mainly why I never shopped at Walgreens. It was too far away for me to justify making a trip out that way to get just a few items each week. Even if it was FREE. Since most of the time the FREE item was gone off the shelf by the time I got there. So all I […]

Walgreens Shopping

It is raining here again today. While we need the rain, we do not need the hail I am now hearing hit the roof. Praying it stays small as I write this post. Hail is one of the things I am afraid of. Since it can cause a lot of monetary damage to fix everything it smacks. Roof, car, windows I just really don’t like repairing or fixing those things unless it truly needs it. Little face has been very cute lately. His two new words for the week are shopping and coupons. How cute is that? I love it, but I am not so […]