Friday Finals – Sprouts, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Walmart

Friday Finals 060112

June is national Dairy Month. This is the month to stock up on dairy items. Here is an article on how to freeze and thaw dairy items and other useful information. Did you know you can freeze milk and cheese? Read this article about foods that can be frozen and thawed. Sprouts – Farmers Market (This is where I buy most of my produce) Bulk Raisins $1.73 1 lb PepperJack Cheese $2.99 2 Pks Blueberries $0.99 each Bananas $1.18 Onions $1.15 I spent $9.03 on produce at Sprouts this time. Sprouts #2 Grapes $0.99 lb – $2.45 **Stock up Price** I spent $2.45 and saved $0.05 […]

Money saving Monday – Price Match Walmart

We have a winner for the Giveaway for 6 Earth Friendly Cleaning Products: Candace B She has been contacted. ~   ~   ~ Did you vote today? Do you want to save more money at Walmart? You can price match any item with another stores ads, including groceries. Some people seem intimidated by doing this since they don’t know how. I am here to walk you through how to price match Walmart and share the policy with you. How does this work? Grocery ads are usually mailed to you Tues or Sat. Scan these flyers for items you would buy, then see if you […]

Friday Finals – Tom Thumb, CVS, Walmart

Tom Thumb  Shopping 2 Keebler Crackers $2.99 – $2/2 Store Q, $1/2 Keebler Crackers             -Final $1.49 each 2 Dole Fruit Salad $1.00 – $0.50 doubled Dole Fruit             -Final $0.50 each 2 Comstock Fruit $2.49 – $1/1 Comstock Fruit             -Final $1.49 each 1 Fried Onions $3.19 – $0.50/1 doubled French’s Fried Onions             -Final $2.19 3 McCormick Spices $9.57 total B2G1 – $6/3 Store Q, 2 $0.75/1 McCormick Spices Q             -Final $0.06 each 1Hormel Naturals Lunch Meat $3.49- $1/1 Store Q, $0.50/1 doubled Hormel Naturals Printable             -Final $1.50 1 Spiral Ham for Easter – $15.64 Saved $10.49 1 Vinegar $0.77 2 […]

Friday Finals 01-13-12

I still have this nasty cold, I think maybe it has turned into a sinus infection. I am very stuffy at times and other times I can breathe fine. Everyone had been really good, since I have been sick. I have had to let quite a few mommy duties go this week. The clothes are washed, but they are in a big pile in my room. So if anyone needs anything they can rummage through the pile to get it. I hope to get that done today. I went to pick something up for dinner on Wednesday night. I didn’t even feel like making a […]

Friday Finals 01-06-12

Friday Finals are here again! I am looking forward to all of your savings this week. Be sure to visit other site so you can learn of other great deals out there. If you are new to Extreme Couponing, one of the best ways to learn how to save money on your grocery bill every week is to look at how others do it.I went to Tom Thumb right when we got back home New Years Eve to get some milk and a couple of other items. I spent around $11. But I can’t find the receipt. I know I got Martha White Muffin Mix […]

Friday Final 12-16-11

I see the sun! I see the sun! It has been nearly a week here in Texas with no sun and raining for three days. While we need the rain due the drought, we are all going a little stir crazy. I have been trying to find some creative things for me and little face to do. I think he is more than ready to get outside today. I am trying to still stay within my grocery budget while shopping for additional food Christmas gifts. This has been an amazing challenge. As I have said before, I love challenges. I am still under budget again […]

Friday Finals 12-09-11

I did quite a bit of shopping this week. Since I did so much shopping when it was freezing outside, my cold got worse. I was on the couch all day Wednesday and went to bed early that night. I drank a lot of hot tea with lemon and honey, since I had laryngitis for three days this week. Good thing this is not a video blog, no one could hear me. I am still sick, but feeling much better. If you would like to find more deals be sure to like Pounds4Pennies on FACEBOOK or join me in my Blog Frog Community. If you […]

Friday Finals 12-2-11

I am taking part of a Blog Share Exchange were we all feature one article on our site each day about Christmas until Dec. 25th. Please stop by and visit these awesome blogs. Each has a thought or craft idea for Christmas. I will be featured next Friday. I can’t wait to share my craft with you and all my new readers.Please take a moment and vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs. One click = One Vote. I would love to try to get five votes today. Thanks in advance for voting for me. Stop by these wonderful blogs to see how they shop. Here […]

Friday Finals Kroger- Mega Event, Tom Thumb, Walmart 11/18/11

It has been a busy week for me. I have done two weeks worth of shopping this week. I will not be shopping next week, but I will still have a shopping linky. I might have two, one for grocery deals and any Black Friday deals you want to share. Let me know if you would like to see two to see other deals people have gotten. Visit these ladies sites to see other great savings trips. TOP Three Visited Sites Last Week: Family Fun on a Small Budget Grocery Shop for FREE at the MART HomeMaking Mom If you are still new to couponing, […]