Eggshell Planter : How to Grow Silly Egghead Hair

Ever wonder what to do with all those leftover egg shells?Why not start a garden? Your child will love to make funny eggshell planters using a few unwanted materials around the house this spring. Have fun making this craft and teach your child how to reuse everyday things you normally toss out. 

How to Make An Eggshell Planter

Eggshell Planter Silly Eggheads

Materials for Eggshell Planters

Eggshells (With just the tops cut off)
Dryer Lint
Markers for drawing

How to Make Eggshell Planters

Cracked Egg
1. The easiest way to break just the top part of the egg, is to get a butter knife and tap it near the top. This will cause the egg to break neatly most of the time. It is OK if the first one doesn’t go right. You have 12 more chances.

2. Use the inside of the egg for whatever fancy creation you have cooking or try these ham and cheese muffin cups.

3. Carefully rinse out the shell and let the shell dry for a couple of days.

Drawing on eggshell

4. Next draw silly faces on the eggs. My little guy loved drawing his T-Rex face, since he is obsessed with T-rex stuff right now. Check out my Dinosaur Birthday Party Pinterest board I have started for his next birthday.

Making Eggshell Planters

5. Now time to reuse what you already have. Go to the dryer and grab some dryer lint, and a place at the bottom of the egg (Pic 1). Next add seeds (Pic 2). We used Chia seeds and Rye grass seeds. You can get Chia Seeds here and Rye Grain Seeds here if you like.

6. I used an eye dropper to wet the dryer lint until good and moist or wet (Pic 3). Then place a little more lint over the top and wet with a few eyedroppers full of water. Keep the seeds moist with a few droppers full of water during the week.

7. This is the most difficult part for the four year old is to wait, wait and wait some more. After a few days some of the seeds will start sprouting. After about 5 days they will have a nice full head of hair!

This eggshell planter craft is not only fun, but can be very educational too. Teaching your child how easy it is to grow a plant inside an egg is just fun. My son was so excited everyday to see his egghead grow hair. A great and inexpensive way to start your garden this spring. Simply put a few seeds in an eggshell with a little dryer lint to start them off on a great growing season.

What else do you do with leftover eggshells?


  1. These are cute and fun. :) Thank you for sharing them.

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